by Margiela Madman

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My rap song 'cause I do like to rap as well
There will be no apologising for my self-mythologising


harbour bridge is falling down
the bodies the bullets on parliament grounds
the gold skin man hatched a brazen plan to bring down the house first
then the town
the legend of margiela was sang from the roofs
and everyone knows now the name rings troof
the grey skies cleared up
the madman teared up
dont slow down now chase on foot
mama poor daddy gone searchin for the antidote
thought he find the answer to his questions in a bag of dope
strip him down lay him out tie his hands in rope
he escaped, pretty motherfucker in a cloud of smoke
tell him his name was tri then go and search the streets
his mama love him sick to death if he aint back by 3
then kissed on her cheek
its goin down tonight
the sound the fury the flashin of lights

the god sent shots through the windows and the doors
fuck em all dead they can die for the cause
the lies and the laws the judge threw the book at him
look at him, that magnficent jaw
whoever you are, whatever ya name
the sky you livin under n reps you claim
is all in flames now
funny dont it seem how it all feel straight in ya wildest dreams ha
madman mind control the masses
straitjacket they as fake as plastics
no genres
no labels


released August 28, 2014
all me



all rights reserved


Margiela Madman Australia


20 years old

these are all unmixed unmastered unfinished demos


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